New Beauty Box 'She Said Beauty' Comes to the UK!

Monday, 30 January 2012

Hey everyone!! I love the idea of getting a lovely packaged box of mysterious luxury gifts delivery to my doorstep every month...the anticipation of the arrival of the box...the excitement one you receive it and open it up...the joy of sharing your whats in your box with fellow bloggers and friends and testing out the lovely new products! Its just so fun!!

And now we have a new player to the game...She Said Beauty!

As quoted from their website, She Said Beauty are a team of specialists from many disciplines including Beauty Industry experts from ELLE UK, Estee Lauder and influential journalists and bloggers. The She Said Beauty Box will contain 5 luxury beauty samples everyone month for us to try out. Check out the box above...I love the bright colours of the packaging...its just so cute and pretty!

The box retails at £9.00 per month plus £2.95 p&p so £11.95 in total.

They do have some promotions on at the moment which are valid until 27th February:

Get 25% off your first box making the final price less than a tenner at just £9.70
Get 30% off a 3 month gift subscription for the box plus the standard £2.95 p&p making it £27.75
Get 40% off a 6 month gift subscription for the box plus the standard £2.95 p&p making it £50.10

UPDATE: She Said Beauty have extended this offer until 29th February.

I always think that the first box these beauty box companies launch are really good because they recognise the importance of the first box...they know that everyone will be looking on blogs and magazines curious to find out what it contained and based on that people will decide whether to take the plunge and sign up. Does anyone remember that Nars Orgasm Illuminator in the first Glossy Box? I just heard that Glossy Box is launching in India too so I'd recommend to all you Indian women to have try it out for the first month and see what your can always cancel afterwards if its not for you.

I'm not big on commitment so I've gone for the first month option to try it out. The first box will be sent out to us in March...I'm so excited!! I cant wait to get it!! Keep an eye out in March to find out what I get! :-)

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. I agree.. the first box will always contain the best stuff!


  2. Replies
    1. lol Go on have a try! You can always cancel after the first month :)

  3. Oh no not another box to get hooked on! I think with that first box offer I might just have to do it! xx

    1. lol! yay!! How exciting!! Keep in touch and let me know when you get urs!! x

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what's in your box :)