Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Inspired by (ok copied - its the best form of flattery afterall) Karla Powell

Sunshine Award :-)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm so happy because yesterday my very good friend Rachel from House of Pinheiro gave me a very special Sunshine Award!! I cant tell you how happy I am to get this award! Rachel is my 'blogmother' (her words)...through the success and happiness she has gained from her blog...she really encouraged me to start writing me one too. For a good couple of years she kept telling me and finally I decided to take the plunge in November last year. I'm soo glad she did! This blog has brought me so much joy! I love sharing the little things that inspire me with you. I found this fantastically supportive community of people and made some lovely new friends who I hope I will meet in person one day. So thank you Rachel..not only for the award but for your encouragement! 


Thank the person who gave you the award. (Rachel, thank you! You are a ray of sunshine in my life)

Write a post about it. (yep, you're reading it)

Answer the questions that come with it.

Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.

Favorite Colour: Purple
Favorite Animal: Fish
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Innocent Kiwi, Apple and Lime Smoothie! Or if in India...Ganga Jamna! *drooling just thinking about it*
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter! Best way to keep upto date with the latest news
My Passion: Cherries!! (and playing with makeup, travel and baking)
Getting or Giving Presents: Definately giving....I love seeing the delighted look on someone face as they open a gift I have given them.
Favorite Flower: Flowers are just so beautiful! I love all brightly colour flowers and I cant pick one!
Favorite Celebrity Role Model: This is a toughie, I could have picked someone who had climbed mountains or some gazzilionaire but instead I have chosen a person who is closer to home and more realistic... someone who's awesomeness have been admiring recently is TV presenter Anita Rani. She recently did a documentary for the BBC called 'Four Wheels' where she spent 3 weeks driving from Delhi to Chennai. I'm sure y'all have seen vids of the crazy streets in India and yeah it really is that insane (horns, taxis, trucks, motorbikes, rickshaws and not forgetting the cows!). This girl has crazyyy confidence and guts to face all that! I would never attempt driving in India! Then on a kinda polar opposite she also recently won the Great British Bake Off!! She was soo good on the show, her baking idea's were so creative, she really pushed herself to be the best and was so meticulous (baking is a science afterall). Anita comes across as a really hard working and successful independent woman who isn't afraid of a challenge and strives to be the best at everything that she does. An inspiration in my eyes!

Here are the 10 blogs I have chosen to pass this on to (so many good blogs, this was hard!)

1. Jenifer from Kitsch N Sync - A gorgeously cute mix of fashion and beauty. I really I love her style of writing and that she takes fashion/beauty issues one step further by talking about body confidence and upcycling.
2. Eden from Sweet Wahine's Beautiful Life - Eden is so sweet..reading about the randomness of her life and inspirations always makes me smile. :-)
3. Aisha from Aishadow.com - I love hearing about the latest products hitting the US as well as her great homemade beauty tips...did you know garlic is really good for your nails?!
4. Ailah from Cosmetic Blur - This girl is crazy talented! Her make-up looks are absolutely stunning, creative, bright and immaculately perfect every time!
5. Halima from Designer Spray - A fashion blog with a difference! I love her awesome photography and her funky style! 
6. Safira from Miss Stylicious - A lovely chick who blogs about product reviews, latest beauty launches mixed in with her fun weekends in exploring London.
7. Swarnali from Dreams & Drama - One of my first supporters, Swarnali has a fantastic way with words and is so artistic too!
8. Elpiniki from Tomato Soup - Greece is my favourite country so when I found her blog I was so excited to recreate some of her authentic Greek recipes 
9. Emm from Circular Insanity - Emm has a really fun take on Indian beauty products and great Tech Talks tips to improve your blog.
10. Aki from 7% Solution - Fashion, food, cute vlogs and general awesomeness of life! I love Aki's blog!

Thank you all for your wonderful inspiration!!

Cherry Lane xoxo

Soap & Glory Choc/Cherry Lip Balm!! A Great Kisser!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hi everyone! I finally have my laptop up and running again! yay! I'm so happy that to do a review of this gorgeous new lip balm I have discovered!

'A Great Kisser' by Soap & Glory is a new range of three fruity lip balms - Juicy Peach, Sweet Coconut and Chocolate Cherry respectively as picture below.

These lip balms contain 'mango butter to moisturise, apricot butter for weather protection, lingonberry oil to boost the barrier repair (and prevent water loss), and pomegranate extract to renew your 'dewy''. 

'Juicy Peach is a gorgeous coral shade, Sweet Coconut is clear in colour with a hint of shimmer and Chocolate Cherry is described as a sheer popsicle pink'

I'm sure you can guess which one I went for..yep the Choc Cherry! I gotta say I just love all Soap and Glory packaging...its so fun and retro! And this lipbalm is no different..its so cute! One great thing I noticed about the tin is that its very easy to open and slides off great unlike the similar Vaseline tubs which can get quite tight and be a nightmare to prise open.

When I first opened it I thought it looked quite bright in the pan but in fact its quite sheer on the lips giving a nice hint of colour and a glossy/dewy finish.

The texture of this product is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks a little heavy in the pan but once you circle your finger around it melts and applies on your lips very easily. It really is unlike any other product I've used and  feels so luxurious! S&G describe it better than I ever could...'its not too waxy, not too slippery, not too greasy, not too sticky. In fact, its just right'. And I completely agree!! It feels extremely moisturising, provides a protective barrier between my skin and the elements which is particularly important in these harsh winter months but at the same time its not too thick, its not too sticky (dont you just hate when the wind blows your hair and gets stuck on your lipgloss eek) and feels so lovely and soft.

The scent actually isn't as I imagined...maybe I have been spoilt by the gorgeous rich fragrance of the TBS Chocomania but the choc/cherry scent of this lipbalm was more like a very subtle cherry chocolate liqueur which personally I'm not too keen on.

Overall, this product is a winner!! Although the scent is quite disappointing it is very subtle and the performance of the lipbalm formula itsself far outweighs this one negative. 'A Great Kisser' leaves my lips feeling extremely soft, moisturised and nourished with a nice glossy finish and indeed very kissable!

Would I buy this product again? Yes definitely I would but I would go for the Juicy Peach flavour.

This product retails at £5 for a 18g tin. Available from Boots.
For more info about Soap & Glory and to check out more of their awesome products please visit their website.

Cherry Lane xoxo

Inspired by Mac Pro Masterclass at London Fashion Week

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Hey everyone! My replacement laptop charger hasn't arrived yet so I'm still using the blogger app on my phone :-( I can't really write alot using the app so instead I thought I would just post a pic of an eye makeup look I did last night. It's London Fashion Week this week...I love fashion week! Looking at all the clothes, buzz in the atmosphere and the fun events happening. I saw a photo of a look created during Mac's Masterclass at London Fashion Week by Paolo Rodriguez and it inspired me to have a go myself...these photos are literally just me messing around and playing with my makeup for fun...

Cherry Lane xoxo

Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector – Daily All-in-One B.B. Cream

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Hey everyone! I seem to be on an unlucky streak recently...last week my iPhone charger cable got crushed in my bag and this week my laptop charger has decided to give up on me! :-( They say bad luck comes in 3s but I'm praying nothing else goes wrong!!

So in the meantime I'm using the blogger app on my phone to make this post. Not the greatest tool as it won't let me Hyperlink but I guess its good enough for when you can't reach a laptop.

So anywwaaays.... This week I did a guest post on Vertika's Vivacious Blog reviewing Garnier's Miracle Skin Perfector B.B. Cream...I am totally in love with this cream! You can check out the review here

If you live in the UK you can also find out where you can get a free sample of the cream by checking out the post.

I hope are having a fabulous weekend!! What are you all getting upto?

Cherry Lane xoxo

Makeup Inspiration - Purple Dreams

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hi gorgeous people!! Even though I'm not that great at it I really love experimenting with different eye makeup so I thought I'd show you what I came up with using my latest purchase L'Oreal Color Infallible in Purple Obsession (005). I absolutely love this eyeshadow!! Probably because purple is my favourite colour but also because its just such a great product...I'll be doing a proper review of this together with a swatch soon.

oh and I just wanted to mention that I had a really hard time taking a decent picture that captured the true colour and sparkles of the eyeshadows so I'm sorry the photo's are not that great! A good camera is high on my wish list but will have to wait a little while I'm afraid. Anyways, here ya go...

Apply a primer to your eyelids...I used e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow Primer

Next I took a flat eyeshadow brush from The Body Shop and applied L'Oreal Color Infallible in Purple Passion (sparkly purple with black undertone) all over the eyelid

Then I took Mac blending brush 224 and created the outer v using Mac eyeshadow in Contrast (v. deep blue with slight blue shimmer and black undertones) and used this colour to blend out the purple creating a softer line. I then went back to the purple and lined the bottom lashline with this.

I then used a pale lilac shimmery eyeshadow by in the inner V and e.l.f. Mineral Eyeshadow in Elegant to highlight the browbone. I also used Rimmel Exaggerate Liquid Liner in Black and Bourjois Liner Effect Mascara

I hope you like this look! 

Cherry Lane xoxo

Guest Post: Nail Art by Vivacious Blog

Monday, 13 February 2012

Hi everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend!! What did you get upto??

Today I am really excited to introduce you to an awesome chick who is crazy talented at nail art...its Vertika from Vivacious Blog! I've been following her blog for a few months now and I just love all her creative and detailed designs so much that I asked her if she would be able to a special design for me...

Here's what she came up with...

Hello Beauties!

Cherry is one of my favourite fruits. And whenever I have ice cream first thing I eat is the cherry on top. I even steal cherry of others ice cream. J

So I thought I should try cherry on my nails.

I used –

  • White nail paint
  • Red nail paint
  • Green nail Paint
  • Nail Art Brush
  • Toothpick 
  • Top Coat and Base Coat

Method –

First apply base coat on all the nails.

Then use white nail paint and apply on all nails. Then let it dry.

 Apply red nail paint on nail tips. 

Take a toothpick and make few dots with red nail paint. These red dots are cherries. 

Then make green parts of cherry with green nail paint.

Now make two white lines on red nail tips. 

For thumb nail, write CHERRY and make cherries. 

Secure it with top coat. 

I hope you enjoyed this cute cherry nail art...you can checkout out Vertika's blog here...she has some really great designs! oh and lets not forget....Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Valentine dreams...

Friday, 10 February 2012

What do most of us girls dream of receiving on Valentines Day? Diamonds and jewellery of course...and what would be more romantic than a special piece from Tiffany's...here are a few of my favourites...

Ok so most of these are outta my price range....but it doesn't mean I can't dream :-)...

Cherry Lane xoxo

Image source: www.tiffany.co.uk. All images owned by Tiffany &Co.

Rochester Cherry Competition Victory!!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Brrrr....its absolutely freezing here in the UK! Literally! My laptop weather gadget is telling me its -5 outside!! Ouch!!

This cold weather makes me looks forward to the spring and think about past summers...a couple of years ago my friend Rachel from House of Pinheiro invited me to spend the weekend with her in Rochester and it just so happened that the city was holding its annual summer pinic and were hosting a charity Cherry dessert competition!! Even back then when we didnt know eachother that well Rach knew about my love of cherries and of course we had to enter!! The only rule of the competition was that they needed to use fresh local Kent grown cherries...I made a Cherry Clafoutis and Rach made a fanastic Brazilian dessert. We were so excited about the weekend that we even sewed our own fun cherry aprons especially for the occasion!! We were rushing to make them the morning of the picnic and didn't quite finish them on time...

It was a wonderful day! The sun was shining! Lots of people and stalls and some extremely good contenders for the dessert competition!

The big oval one is Rachel's Brazilian masterpiece
Mine was D...cherry clafouti
Stiff competition
After alot of tastings, the scores were in and the Head Judge, Chris from Topes restaurant in Rochester announced the winner...

and hey presto Rachel's Brazilian delight won 1st Prize!! Wooohooooo!!!! We were soooo happy!! She won a supercute cherry dessert platter, a three course dinner for two at a local 2 AA rosette restaurant and the opportunity to make the desserts in the restaurant kitchen and for the dessert to be served in the menu for the evening...what an honour!!

One our way home with the winning platter outside the restaurant we had dinner
Our finished aprons!
Making the winning dessert in the restaurant kitchen
Rach with Head Chef, Chris
At the restaurant
Winning dessert on the menu with Rach's name!

The final presentation of the dessert...its no surprise they sold out right!
We even featured in the local newspaper!!

You can find Rachel's take on the day here.  Oh summer fun!! Please hurry and bring me sunshine!!

Cherry Lane xoxo