Sunshine Award :-)

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I'm so happy because yesterday my very good friend Rachel from House of Pinheiro gave me a very special Sunshine Award!! I cant tell you how happy I am to get this award! Rachel is my 'blogmother' (her words)...through the success and happiness she has gained from her blog...she really encouraged me to start writing me one too. For a good couple of years she kept telling me and finally I decided to take the plunge in November last year. I'm soo glad she did! This blog has brought me so much joy! I love sharing the little things that inspire me with you. I found this fantastically supportive community of people and made some lovely new friends who I hope I will meet in person one day. So thank you Rachel..not only for the award but for your encouragement! 


Thank the person who gave you the award. (Rachel, thank you! You are a ray of sunshine in my life)

Write a post about it. (yep, you're reading it)

Answer the questions that come with it.

Pass it along to ten people and let them know they’ve received the award.

Favorite Colour: Purple
Favorite Animal: Fish
Favorite Number: 6
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: Innocent Kiwi, Apple and Lime Smoothie! Or if in India...Ganga Jamna! *drooling just thinking about it*
Facebook or Twitter: Twitter! Best way to keep upto date with the latest news
My Passion: Cherries!! (and playing with makeup, travel and baking)
Getting or Giving Presents: Definately giving....I love seeing the delighted look on someone face as they open a gift I have given them.
Favorite Flower: Flowers are just so beautiful! I love all brightly colour flowers and I cant pick one!
Favorite Celebrity Role Model: This is a toughie, I could have picked someone who had climbed mountains or some gazzilionaire but instead I have chosen a person who is closer to home and more realistic... someone who's awesomeness have been admiring recently is TV presenter Anita Rani. She recently did a documentary for the BBC called 'Four Wheels' where she spent 3 weeks driving from Delhi to Chennai. I'm sure y'all have seen vids of the crazy streets in India and yeah it really is that insane (horns, taxis, trucks, motorbikes, rickshaws and not forgetting the cows!). This girl has crazyyy confidence and guts to face all that! I would never attempt driving in India! Then on a kinda polar opposite she also recently won the Great British Bake Off!! She was soo good on the show, her baking idea's were so creative, she really pushed herself to be the best and was so meticulous (baking is a science afterall). Anita comes across as a really hard working and successful independent woman who isn't afraid of a challenge and strives to be the best at everything that she does. An inspiration in my eyes!

Here are the 10 blogs I have chosen to pass this on to (so many good blogs, this was hard!)

1. Jenifer from Kitsch N Sync - A gorgeously cute mix of fashion and beauty. I really I love her style of writing and that she takes fashion/beauty issues one step further by talking about body confidence and upcycling.
2. Eden from Sweet Wahine's Beautiful Life - Eden is so sweet..reading about the randomness of her life and inspirations always makes me smile. :-)
3. Aisha from - I love hearing about the latest products hitting the US as well as her great homemade beauty tips...did you know garlic is really good for your nails?!
4. Ailah from Cosmetic Blur - This girl is crazy talented! Her make-up looks are absolutely stunning, creative, bright and immaculately perfect every time!
5. Halima from Designer Spray - A fashion blog with a difference! I love her awesome photography and her funky style! 
6. Safira from Miss Stylicious - A lovely chick who blogs about product reviews, latest beauty launches mixed in with her fun weekends in exploring London.
7. Swarnali from Dreams & Drama - One of my first supporters, Swarnali has a fantastic way with words and is so artistic too!
8. Elpiniki from Tomato Soup - Greece is my favourite country so when I found her blog I was so excited to recreate some of her authentic Greek recipes 
9. Emm from Circular Insanity - Emm has a really fun take on Indian beauty products and great Tech Talks tips to improve your blog.
10. Aki from 7% Solution - Fashion, food, cute vlogs and general awesomeness of life! I love Aki's blog!

Thank you all for your wonderful inspiration!!

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. Hey congrats!! yay!! You truly deserve this award :D And thanks a million for passing it on to me with those lovely compliments,am honoured . :P :)

    1. No worries hun! I love reading ur blog and chatting to you xx

  2. U didn't even need to come n tell me...I came sniffing here myself:P
    and what is ganga jamumna:O

    1. haha!! Its a mix of sweet satsumas and tangy orange with some kinda spice thrown in...we drink it in Surat all the time and I think you can get it in Mumbai too. Its LUSH!!

    2. No worries...I will come to Surat to have it or to best frnds live there:)

  3. Yayy!! Congratulations you are so sweet and I hope one day I will meet you too!! Its amazing what a blog can do for someone! I will be sharing this soon with some of my lovely sunshine's <3 lol... Have a beautiful day luv!!

  4. Cute post...such personal posts are as interesting as the beauty ones. I'm a new follower and am enjoying reading your older posts!

    1. Thank you Kajal! So kinda of you! Yeah I havent actually done any personal ones so I thought it was about time lol xx

  5. congratulations :) Lovely to read more about you.

    1. ah thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed reading xx

  6. Well deserved sweetie :) Though I am a new follower, have read a few posts and I love your blog :)
    Namita <3

    1. ah thank you Namita that's so lovely of you to say! xx

  7. congrats dear...lovely post <3

  8. Congratulations and thank u for this award!

  9. I am so embarrassed that I didn't see this before! Thank you so much.

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