Review: myface Slinky Liquid Liners in Paint It Black (Matte) & Gilt-y

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

I'm always on the look out for a good matte black liquid liner so when I came across myface Cosmetics 40% off Black Friday sale I had a look around their website and noticed they had one. 
If you don't recognise the name myface...they are the brand behind the Blingtone eyeshadows and nail polishes in Boots.

As I was browsing around their website I noticed they had 15 different shades of liquid liner..yes 15! Thats a pretty impressive range of colours! I ended up going for the matte black shade I had my eye on called Paint it Black and also a metalic gold shade called Gilt-y. I chose the gold because I had seen a photo on Pinterest and had been admiring it for quite a while so I thought I would use the gold to try and recreate can see the photo I'm talking about here.

The next morning I was pretty surprised to see that my liners had arrived already...within 24 hours of placing my order! I was pretty excited so I whipped them out of their packaging immediately and got swatching. My first impression was really good...the matte black swatch looked great on my hand. Very strong black colour with the super matte finish I wanted. The gold also looked good but slightly sheerer than I was expecting. The black takes about 20 seconds to dry and the gold takes much longer to set at around 1 min.
After wearing the black shade all week I began to get more and more disappointed with the liner.

The tip of the brush on both shades are quite blunt. They aren't feathered into a fine pointed tip so its difficult to get a very thin line and create the small precise flick I wanted.
But this is what disappointed me the most...Paint it Black is turns into a crazy hot mess as soon as it touches any water! I was watching a Channel 4 documentary (The Curious Case of the Clarke Brothers) which brought tears to my eyes and when I wiped away my tears I noticed that the liner had run so badly it was aweful! I even noticed that I would smudge quite alot even when my eyes watered slightly. I'm not sure if this is the same for the gold because I haven't worn it for a whole day yet. If you want a matte black for a night out or some event where you will be indoors mainly then this is great but if you know its going to rain or you are going to watch a sad not wear this!! It's such a shame because I really love the intensity of the black and the finish but my search for the perfect matte black liquid liner continues...
myface eyeliners are priced at £10.99 each and are available from their website here and I think they are also available in Boots stores.

Have you managed to find a good matte black liquid liner? I'd love to know your suggestions!

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. Oh my 10.99 is quite a lot for a liner. Too bad its not worth the price :(

    1. yeah it is, especially when you can get Mac fluidline for just a couple quid more. Luckily I got these at 40% off :-)

  2. Go on, try your brand new Inglot one :p