Dove Winter Care Limited Edition Moisturisers

Monday, 17 December 2012

It is getting sooo cold over here where I live in the UK! We're reaching temps in the minus (I'm talking Celsius). The harsh winter cold and unforgiving wind is makes my already crazy dry skin even worse! Over the past couple weeks I have been trying out Dove's new Winter Care moisturisers and they have really been my saviour!

Winter Care Nourishing Body Lotion is a light formula containing Deep Complex, a blend of skin natural nutrients and rich essential oil to help nourish my skin. I've been using it mainly on my body before I go to bed. It absorbs very quickly and made my skin feel so much softer.

Winter Care Rich Nourishment Cream is a much thicker and richer cream giving me a much more intensive hit of moisture. This has been a saviour for my dry flaky legs! Because its a more rich and intensive cream its perfect for area's like elbows and knees where you need that extra nourishing protection.

Saying all that my favourite thing about Dove Winter Care is its absolutely gorgeous scent! Dove describe it as amber with sweet florals...for me its a beautiful delicate sweet fragrance which smells really clean at the same time. I'm rubbish as describing scents but believe when I have to check it out!

Dove Winter Care Nourishing Body Lotion (250ml) retails at £3.99 and the Rich Nourishment Cream (150ml) retails for £3.29. Both are available exclusively in Boots and are currently on offer at under £3.

Cherry Lane xoxo

* PR Sample


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    1. Me too! I can always reply on Dove lol! Love their shampoos, conditioners, deo's, shower gels and moisturisers!

  2. Ohh how I love the snowflakes over the pink background <3 If it were available here in India, I would have bought it just by looking at it ;)

  3. oh wow, looks so tempting! Love the packaging.

  4. I got sent these! I love them. xx


  5. I got this set a while back and can't wait to try them out. My skin has been so dry over the winter, especially with the crazy cold temperatures! Need a good pick me up. x

    1. I know what you mean, I hate the cold! This will def give your skin a boost!

  6. why cant the launch the same in india too..
    though dove body lotion with shea butter works perfect too (incase one cant find this one, like me )

  7. Aww... I wish these were available in India. Love Dove.