Christmas in Covent Garden, London

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas is here and its beautiful!! While I was in London after checking out the Revlon Exhibition I had a little wander around Covent Garden. One of my favourite parts of Christmas is all the beautiful lights! Totally brings everything alive and they're so magical! This post is more pictures than words....I hope you enjoy :-)

I love this Valentino poster in the tube station too...isnt it beautiful!

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. It was great to meet you too and taste your yummy baked goodies. :) X

  2. I was in covent garden today, that tree is pretty awesome!!

    1. Yeah its huge right?! Did you see the Jack Daniels tree too? My photo came out so crap so I ditched it lol

  3. Ahh, I went to London last Saturday and I more or less snapped identical photos to what you captured! Did you see the large advent calender there as well? The Large red Christmas tree is devine! Covent Garden definitely sums up what Christmas is all about! I sampled some mulled wine and roasted nuts from a little cart in the market alley way - hmm, tastes of Christmas. Sounds weird I know!
    I was going to post a summary of 'My December' later so you may see some familiar photos =^^=
    Thank you for your laaavvvly comment on my posts - always look forward reading them so pls dont worry about the long message! I love them!
    I've only just realised how to subscribe to follow up replies so if you do reply, I know about it! I'm so silly sometimes! Duh!

    Jenny xoxo

  4. Fab pictures! No matter how cold it is outside the decorations always cheer me up :)