Boxing Day Haul

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Here in the UK the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day (don't ask me why) and this is the day when the biggest sale of the year starts (kinda like Black Friday in the US). Its a crazy shopping day...people wake up super early and queue for entry into the best stores so that they can grab the best bargains. In fact this year someone even died on Oxford Street, London during the Boxing Day sales (click here for more info)! In order to avoid the stress and the crazy rush of bargain hunters I decided to do my Boxing Day shopping online instead and it was one of the best decisions ever!!

Boots is one of of my favourite shops and at Christmas they always have lots of lovely bath and body gifts and when is comes to Boxing day they reduce most gifts down to 50%. As my mum is going to India in a couple weeks and we needed to buy gifts for all our fam over there I decided to take advantage of the sale and bought a bunch of things. All the things below are going to be given to my cousins and aunts in India so I didnt open all the boxes...

French Connection Eyeshadow Palette

Champneys Gift Sets for Aunts

Trevor Sorbie for my cousin

Armani Diamonds for Women for my cousins wife

Armani Diamonds for Men for my cousin
I couldnt resist getting a little for myself too...

mmm I love Champneys :-)

Cherry Lane xoxo 


  1. Wow... Nice Haul!!!

  2. That's huge!! Wow, so many attractive goodies!!!

  3. Thanks, Im so glad you liked my haul! I was so tempted to rip everything open and test it, I really had to restrain myself! lol But I did get myself that one Champneys Mediterranean Bliss collection which I have been eyeing this up for a while simply because I just love then colour! lol I think I might do a review on it, if you are interested?

  4. u should do...
    how did you control yourself?
    great,if i were in your place, i would have opened it asap:D
    am following you,its really

  5. I wish we had a boots here!! grrr... You look like you got a lot of good stuff!!

  6. FYI

    Boxing day is called Boxing day because in the old days, the rich people used to pack up left over food and extra gifts and stuff in boxes and give it to the poor and homeless

  7. @Aishwarya Thanks for following! It was hard, I really wanted to try everything and smell everything lol btw...I really love your name, its just so pretty!

    @SweetWahine Boots is awesome, its one of my favourite shops in the UK! But you guys have Sephora!! I looooove Sephora so much but you they dont have stores in the UK. Their hair mask is AMAZING!!

    @Deena...ahh thats such a good idea! Its a shame that tradition has dwindled away. Christmas is a wonderful time but also quite abit of excess so to share some of that with those who are less fortunate is always a good thing.