Calling Ladies of Mumbai and Surat!! I need your help!!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

First of all a huuuge sorry to those people who are gona be bored by this post cos I know its not going to appeal to everyone!!

So, you might have read that my mum is going to India in...eeek just a week - 10th Jan! She's only going to be there for 10 days and will be spending 2 days in Mumbai and the rest in Gujarat. Just in case your wondering my family come from a small village near Bardoli in Gujarat.

So while she is there she also needs to do a little shopping for my cousin's wedding...we need to buy about 50 gifts for around Rs100 each to give out to guests during one of the functions. Obviously I want something really awesome and not just a lame steel nu cup lol! This is where I need your help!! Have your seen any fun wedding gifts in Mumbai, Surat or Bardoli? Because my mum doesnt have much time I wanted to do a little research myself before she leaves and so I wanted to ask lovely blog friends... Do you guy know any good shops that my mum can check out while she's there?

To give you an idea of the kind of thing I'm looking for...this is a gift that was given out at my friend's wedding. Its a Ganesh wall hanging and I just love it so much! It's really original, has a modern edge, so pretty and very usable. My friend said that she got them from a store on 'Gift Galli' near Crawford Market in Mumbai...have you heard of this street? Do you know any specific store which are good?  Any suggestions and ideas would be sooo appreciated!!

Also just a kinda add on....any unique wrapping suggestions for these gifts? oh and I need to make a basket type thing for some sari's too. Any idea's photos, inspirations would be hugely appreciated!! Please post links and feel free to email me photo's.  This is the first time I have actually had to do this myself and I really want it to be kick ass and stand out!

Much love, Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. amazing piece of art!

  2. yes ask her to check out crawford market ...ask anyone in market for gift shops... they hav tons of such stuff ....

  3. Thanks Lucia, Thanks Riddhi!! :-)