Beauty Box Heaven

Sunday, 1 January 2012

The concept of the Beauty Box is pretty cool...getting a lovely surprise box of goodies to try each month for around £10 sounds so fun! I've only just heard about beauty boxes (I know..where have I been right?) and have been a bit scared in case I didn't like the products so I have just been looking at what others have been getting ..well that was until now!! I am always on the lookout for a bargain and when I saw this amazing deal I just had to get it! 'Latest in Beauty' have a box where they tell you on the website what your will get which takes the doubt out of what you will receive and when I saw the contents I just had to get it!! A 15ml Clarins Multi-Active Day Wrinkle Correction Cream as well as four other goodies for just £4.95!

The other samples included in the box are:

* Bastiste Dry Shampoo - 50ml can
* Balance Me Hydrating Rose Otto & Shea Butter Salve - full sized 15ml tube
* Nivea for Men Q10 Revitalising Gel - 15ml tube
* Dr. Organic Rose Otto Skin Lotion - 5ml sachet

All of which are worth around £26 in total.

I havent tried all the products yet but I test a tiny bit of the lip salve and it is sooo lovely! Its made of completely natural ingredients and has a really gorgeous and unusual glossy look whilst being incredible moisturising.

Latest in Style also quite unique concept where you can select three sample products of your choice for £1 which gets charged to your mobile phone bill. Basically you have to text/sms a number which gets charged at £1 plus standard text cost then you are sent a link which you complete all your details and the goods are sent out to you free of charge in a letter box friendly package. Such a great idea!


  1. Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

  2. Wow this box is such a good deal. That Clarins product looks pretty good!!

    Happy New Year!


  3. This is just like Birchbox in the states. I just started doing it, and I am having fun so far. Looks like you got some great things to try.


  4. happy new year ... somethin similar to dis is startin in india too - lushbox

  5. Happy New year to you too!

    I so agree. Getting to try so many products is worth the money spent!!

  6. happy new year dear..following u now :)
    yes lushbox is comming up in Idia ..excited!! <3 <3

  7. Thanks girlies!! I hope you are signed up to the Lushbox! I cant wait to see what goodies you get! From what I've seen from the UK Beauty Boxes....the first boxes seem to be the best containing Nars and other good brands. Happy new year! xxx

  8. I really like this idea! Do you think they ship to the US? I always love getting things in the mail! I found you through another blog. Hope you don't mind me following?

  9. I have seen so many rave reviews on Bastiste Dry Shampoo. Itching to try it. Lovely blog you have here. Cherries galore:) Have a wonderful new year.

  10. Even I came to know of these beauty boxes only recently.. One called LushBox has recently started in India and I'm soo curious about it but will wait for reviews of fellow bloggers n then take the plunge. :)

  11. @SweetWahine Thanks for following! Unfortunately they only ship within UK. But like Popcorn mentioned there is a similar one in the US called Birchbox which sounds really good.

    @Pandora's Box Thank you so much your kind words, so glad you like my cherry theme!! Im addicted lol! I've bought a couple cans of Bastiste before and to be honest I think the Tresemme dry shampoo is much better! Everyones hair is different so you might find the Bastite good but I'd def recommend checking out Tresemme too!

    @thePURPLEspirit How much does the LushBox cost? If there is no minimum purchase commitment then I think you should go for it! Of all the beauty boxes I've seen the first box always seems to be the best with top brands so that when the bloggers get the word out they will generate loads of interest then the second box released doesnt tend to be as good. :-)