She Said Beauty Box - April

Monday, 2 April 2012

After the anticipation and excitement of the launch of She Said Beauty there were some mixed reviews in the blogosphere about their first box. you probably read my first impressions of the box were good but as I started to test and use the product I became a little disappointed for two reasons.

1. The sample sizes of the Aveda haircare products were quite small so I only got one use from them. Not enough to test the product out thoroughly
2. The inclusion of the Collection 2000 (or Collection as they are now know since rebranding) lip cream. She Said say their box is filled with top brands however Collection 2000 is definitely not a top end brand and is more budget therefore I don't think it was an appropriate product to include in the box.

Despite this I was happy with the range of products contained within the box...the Orly Nail polish and added bonus of the nail file (which is awesome!), the We Are Faux lashes look great and have converted me a little. Overall, I think the first box was ok but She Said have some work to do to compete with the other beauty boxes out there! Oh you may also have heard that Carmine has gone to beauty box heaven and guess what?! Carmine's Product Buying Director has moved to She Said!! Hopefully this will mean that in the future we can get some great brands like the Balm and Claudie!

So anyways...lets move on to the bit you have been waiting for! Whats in the April box!!

Mischa Barton Luscious Lips in Pink Pop

Bharti Vyas Face & Neck Polisher

Filthy Gorgeous London Nail Polish in Valentine

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Champagne

Comfort Zone Body Expert Kit

Erno Laszlo The Hollywood Collection

And a little Lindt Easter Egg just for fun...I gobbled this up as soon as I opened the box lol

Here's a summary based on the prices and info provided by She Said...

Mischa Barton Luscious Lips in Pink Pop - Full size 8g £12 - Received full size £12.00
Bharti Vyas Face & Neck Polisher - Full size 125ml £22.50 - Received 10ml approx £1.80*
Filthy Gorgeous London Nail Polish in Valentine - Full size 10ml £9 - Received £9.00
Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Champagne - Full size 2.35g £12.99 - Received £12.99
Comfort Zone Fruity Peel Exfoliator - Full Size 150ml £24.50 - Received 10ml £1.63
Comfort Zone Aromasoul Shower Gel - Full Size 200ml £19.95 - Received 10ml £1.00
Comfort Zone D-Age Body Cream - Full Size 200ml £48.00 - Received 10ml £2.40
Comfort Zone Body Strategist + Remodeller - Full Size 150ml £40.95 - Received 10ml £2.73
Comfort Zone Vital Leg Cream - Full Size 200ml £32.75 - Received 10ml £1.64
Comfort Zone Tranquillity Cream - Full Size 200ml £58.25 - Received 10ml 2.91
Erno Laszlo Instant Eye Repair - Full size 15ml £85 - Received 2ml approx £11.33*
Erno Laszlo Morning Beauty Rescue - Full size 50ml £95 - Received 2ml approx £3.80*
Erno Laszlo Intensive Porcelain Veil - Full size 50ml £140 - Received 2ml approx £5.60*
Erno Laszlo Refresh Moisture Infusion - Full size 50ml £125 - Received 2ml approx £5.00*
Erno Laszlo Velvet Night Cream - Full Size 50ml £175 - Received 2ml approx £7.00*

*No ml stated on sachet therefore these prices are approximate

Total Price of Box £11.95

My first impressions is that this is a great box! Again it has good balance of makeup and skincare and although samples are not more than 10ml I'm really pleased because this box contains a lot more product than the previous one! I am super excited to the try out the Erno Laszlo collection as there as been quite a bit of buzz about it! What do you think about it??

For more info about She Said Beauty you can click here for their website.

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. wow! there's a lot of good stuff! comfort zone is a really good brand. and the make up seems flattering, easy to wear. would love to try the erno laszlo and everything!

    agree - nice box~ *although i'm not subscribed to any - not much choice in my city!*

    1. I know I was surprised by how much there is in this box too! I really liked the comfort zone night cream I got in my last box so looking forward to see what trying out my new samples! Such a shame there you dont have any beauty boxes!

  2. I'd love to try the Erno Laszlo. Box looks quite good, I cancelled after the first one x

    1. I actually got this box free because I had a few people sign up with my link but otherwise I think I would have cancelled after the first too. I was super excited when I saw the EL too! :-)

  3. I'm really pleased with my box too! When I added the products up I didn't include the erno laszlo products as I had no idea how much there was!

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    1. hi sarah! What do you like best from the box so far? I kinda guestimated how much there was based on the comfort zone samples...Im not too sure if those EL prices are correct though. I took them from the card She Said provided in the box but I noticed that the US website has the same price but in $ so I think when they hit the UK market it will be a little less.

  4. Glossy box was supposed to debut in Indian market 2 months back... for my tiny makeup budget I feel these boxes are overpriced(in Indian rupee)

    1. Glossybox was so unprofessional in the way they behaved in India, I doubt they will have a big reception when they try to enter the indian market again. I know what you mean about the price...I guess its you would be lucky to purchase two drugstore cosmetics for the same cost a beauty box...maybe its different in india?

  5. Wow, this box looks great, I'll consider trying out she said!


    1. I know right? I cant wait to see what they include in the next then the ex-Carmine buyer will have settled in abit more

  6. Hi Hun, looks good . What's your fav product ?

    1. I havent tried them all yet but Im most looking forward to trying the EL x

  7. this was a good box with a really good selection much better than the first box :D

    1. yeah it is much better than last month...hoping that next month will be even better!!