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Friday, 8 March 2013

Hi my lovely cherubs!

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event at Neal's Yard Remedies' store in Solihull! I've heard about Neal's Yard but living in a small town I've never gotten round to having a proper mooch around their stores.

The ladies at Neal's yard were soo lovely, giving us a warm welcome with drinks and lots of yummy snacks. I immediately got chatting to Jane (their Social Media Manager) and Emma from ComputerGirl's Musings which was so weird because I had been quietly following her blog and on twitter for quite a while lol

Jane and Nicola kick started the event by giving us an introduction to the brand, how they began, developed and what they stand for today.

Neal's Yard started out in central London when its founder discovered an abandoned area of Covent Garden which was being used as a dumping ground for out theatre sets and props by the local Westend cool is that! They built the original Neal's Yard store from pieces of the old sets they found and even now all their stores are fitted using reclaimed materials. I was really interested to learn that they began life as a natural apothecary. People would come into the store seeking advice to help their ailments leaving with a personalised concoction of herbal remedies and handmade beauty products freshly made for each customer according to their needs.

This is the foundation upon which Neal's Yard grown and today they have over 2500 different products, each one hand made in their customer built eco factory in the English countryside. At the heart of Neal's Yard's Philosophy is purity, health and ethics. All their products are made from natural ingredients...

Free from parabens
Free from synthetic fragrances and colours
Contain natural certified organic ingredients
Handmade in their specially designed eco friendly plant in Dorset
Sourced sustainably
Package responsibly

To this day each of their stores have a wall of natural and sometimes intriguingly unusual herbs (marshmallow leaf tea anyone?). Store staff are trained and are so knowledgeable about the different herbs and ingredients and what are are used for. I was really surprised to hear that most of their stores have Therapy Rooms in which customers can enjoy treatments like massages, acupuncture, chiropractic, allergy testing and even counselling and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for emotional wellness.

Jane and the ladies at Neal's Yard were so generous and even gave us three luxurious products to take home with us...

The Beauty Sleep body butter above hasn't even been released yet so this is a sneaky exclusive peek for you guys and let me tell you it smells gorgeous! I had such a fun time at the event! I must have opened, sniffed and tested almost all the products in the store! It was a skincare lovers paradise! I'm dying to try out one of their cleansing balms for dry skin so I will def be planning a trip to my nearest store soon :-)

Cherry Lane xoxo

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