Asian Wedding Exhibition at Leicester City Football Club

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hi guys! I've missed you! How are you all doing?? My sister will be getting married some time next year so a couple weeks ago myself, mum and sis decided to check out an Asian Wedding Exhibition at Leicester City Football Club organised by Asian Celebrations.

It was my second time attending a wedding fair. I went to one a couple years ago at the Platinum Suites in Leicester with my best friend when she was organising her wedding. This one at Leicester City FC was much larger with more business in attendance. We went there with a pretty open mind just hoping to find out more about the different companies/services in our area (Warwickshire / Coventry / Leicester) and get some idea of pricing. There were lots of people there!! Businesses included different venues around the area, marquee hire, catering companies, mandap hire, decorators, photographers, DJs henna artists, makeup arts, and more! All the stalls were set up so beautifully, there were some stunning displays of mandaps, table settings and room themes, makeup artists were offering free makeovers and everyone was so friendly! The atmosphere was buzzing and we had such a lovely time!

Please forgive my dodgy photo's...they were sneakily taken with my iPhone as some of the businesses didn't allow photo's but I had to take a few snaps to show you guys! :-)

At the end of the day we came home with a big canvas bag full of brochures, guides, business cards and beautiful magazines! :-) If anyone wants to know the details of any of these companies above, feel free to give me a shout and I can let you know! Have you ever been to a wedding exhibition? Did you learn anything from it? If you have any tips about wedding planning I'd love to hear them! :-)

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. I love the arrangements in the first picture, the trees and the drapes are beautiful. It annoys me when vendors don't allow you to take pictures, it's like what's the point of showing your work to anyone then.

  2. It’s really sad that vendors not allowed pictures to be taken, but from available pictures I can guess, the ceremony went awesome, shade of purple lights on drapes creating a magical environment. Well I am pretty much interested to be a part of this kind of ceremony and I got this affection of it recently when my cousin sister got married and we have organized the whole event from marquee hire to wedding band. We hired marquees from Marquee vision- Marquee hire Gloucestershire and catering service was also included in it.