Concealing hair loss with Nanogen Nanofibres & Locking Mist

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Let me start by saying this post is REALLY embarrassing for me! I've had this post in my draft folder for a while now but I just couldn't bring myself to hit that big orange 'Publish' button. I'm really not good at talking about my insecurities, it consumes my thoughts so much but I very rarely let it out and have a real conversation about it. But I just want to get this out and hopefully someone else suffering from hair loss will find this product useful like I have.

A couple weeks back I shared with you that I have PCOS which has led me suffered from severe hair fall. If you missed it then you can read my earlier post here. Today I want introduce you to a product with has helped me to conceal the hairfall and has made me feel much more confident.

It was actually my best friend's mum who gave me a bottle of Nanogen Nanofibres first. She also has thinned out hair along her parting and has tried so many different products over the years and this is the one product she recommends and buys over and over again. She could see that my hairloss was getting me down so she kindly gave me bottle of Nanofibres to use along with her legendary motherly pep talks lol!

At first I was quite reluctant to use it as I was worried it would look fake and I didn't want to look like I had dyed my scalp black or something crazy like that. But when I tried it actually looked really good and totally natural!

So lets talk about the product itself...Nanofibres are very fine little fibres that look almost like dust but are coloured to match your hair colour (I have black but there are also other shades to pick from here). The good thing about the fibres is that are actually made of keratin! Keratin is what the outer layer of our hair is naturally made of so I think this is one of the reasons why it looks so natural.

The Nanofibres are electrostatically charged so that they stick to your hair and don't just fall to your scalp.

This I think is key to the product...because the fibres stick to each hair follicle it actually makes your hair look thicker and it works with the natural wave and bounce of your hair. What I mean by this is...if you look in the mirror you will see...or I do at least...that my hair doesn't just fall flat but it lifts up a little at the roots then drops down. So because the Nanofibres cling onto the hair it also goes with the natural flow of your hair making it look more volumised.

As you can imagine the electrostatic charge doesn't last all day...its really to get the fibres into the place and stop it from falling down to the scalp. So to keep the fibres in place we then need to use the Nanogen 'Locking Mist'. The Locking Mist is like a hairspray to hold all the fibres in place. I did try using a regular hairspray just to see if it worked but it didn't unfortunately.

The Nanofibres come in a sturdy shaker type tub with holes on the top which allow the product come out. Its really easy to use, you just use the tub to sprinkle the product onto your hair until you get the coverage you are looking for then you spritz on the Locking Mist to set for the rest of the day!

I've found that I can get away with using this product for two days straight..just giving it a little touch-up and spray with Locking Mist on the second day. I think this will vary from person to person though depending on how much you touch your hair etc.

Ok so here goes...the scary big reveal! Oh jeez this is so embarrasing!! I have say that it actually looks much worse in the photo than it does in real life...honest! I dont know what why the camera makes it look so much more sparse than it look in real life.

I hope that some people will find this useful...I'm sure I can't be the only woman suffering from this. I just wanted to share this because as you can see it makes a huge difference to my hair and it doesn't look fake at just looks like my own hair....pretty genius in my opinion! Bonus is that its even given my hair a little extra volume. Most importantly its given me so much more confidence...I don't worry now that people are looking at my head because it just looks normal.

Nanogen Nanofibres are priced £18.95 for 1 months supply and the Nanogen Fibre Locking Mist is £11.95 for 2 months supply. Both are available from Boots here and are normally part of their 3 for 2 offers. They come in a range of 10 different colours (here) so you should find a shade that suits you.

I didn't want to bombard this post with too many photo's but if you would like to see more pics of the products and packaging including the ingredients...I have added them to my Facebook page here.

For more information about the product itself you can visit Nanogen's website here

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. I read your previous post on this topic and tried to comment but it didn't go through. I'm glad you've found a solution. Have you tried olive oil on your hair, I find of all the oils it seems to have the strongest effect in hair strengthening properties. Also I'd definitely research dietary ways of improving hair growth if possible. Your sincerity is humbling Hun x

    1. Hi Parveen. I'm not sure why the previous comment didn't go through, I checked my spam but couldnt see anything. Thanks so much for your kind comment. I didn't know that about olive oil, thats really useful. I will definitely try it. I will take your suggestion and do some research on diet too, thank you xx

  2. That really is an amazing product! I can't tell in the second picture that it isn't actually hair. It is so great that you were brave enough to put this up, it's going to help so many other women who are in the same situation and are probably embarrassed themselves to talk to anyone about it. You just gave them a little boost of confidence! :D You are AWESOME!
    And thank you for sharing your PCOS post! It is really spreading these days and women need to know about it! *huggles*

    1. Thanks Nisha, your comments always make me smile :-) I'm so glad you think it looks natural too, I really hope it does help someone xx

  3. I love you so much more after this brave of you and soooo wonderful!! Sending lots of love your way <3
    I have PCOS too but many scans, alopathic + Ayurvedic medicines later, the scans say its gone...lessee how it works out...Tell me when youre in India next, the Ayurveda totally worked! I'll introduce you to the doc who treated me :)
    About the product, its awesome gurl! looks toootally natural...n thats the bleeding camera thats making it look starker in the picture, dont worry lass it just means you have an awesome camera n ppl dont have that great focusing vision anyways ;)

  4. Aww babe, its so brave of you to put these pics up. It's not just you who is suffering for hairfall, there are many more people and I also understand that guys who are starting to develop bald patches feel embarassed too. I have using this product (but from a different brand) for my brother-in-law whose hair condition was worse than yours. While this is very useful and life saving sorta product, we have to know that its only temporary. Stuff like olive oil, Mahabhringraj oil, biotin(vit B7) supplements, vitamin E oil/supplement and healthy diet needs to be looked into too, so that things start getting better from the inside.

  5. i adore your courage! now i want to get my man a bottle because it won't hurt to make his hair fuller, is it? :)