Beauty Swap with Jacq from Hong Kong

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Hiya beauts! I'm super excited about today's post! So I've been admiring Jacq from's blog for about a year...she a fantastic beauty blogger from Hong Kong and the ultimate skincare guru! I love being nosy and browsing through her Inventory lists of cleansers, make up removers, scrubs and much more...its a collection I am hugely envious of! One that particularly caught my eye was her nail polish remover post...I've never seen so much nail polish remover all in one place lol! Her reviews are always honest and real based on the actual quality and result of product...unbiased of brand or price. Also, I really trust her judgement because she has tried so many products so she knows whats good and what is a pile of bs lol!

From Jacq's blog I noticed she had done lots awesome of international swaps with all over the world and kept thinking to myself 'I really wana do a swap!' but kept putting it off for various reasons but finally after chatting over instagram we decided to go for it!

We originally set a budget of £25 include some lightly used but this quickly increased to around £35-40...the more I saw the more I wanted to buy! lol So without further ado let me show you I Jacq sent to me !!

Lovely Cute Bag :-)

Look at all the stuff!! <3

La Vie Eyelab De-Wrinkle Eye Patch
MJ Two-Step Foot Care Pack
Not sure of the name of gold one but uses 'Japanese Nano Technology' (??) for all/dull skin type
Providence Beauty Cherry Brightening Sparkly Mask
Green one same brand as Gold but for all/oil prone skin type
I'm quite new to sheet masks so really looking forward to trying these put especially the cherry one!! :-)

Precious Beauty Cherry Fruit Lipbalm
OraLabs Essentials Lip Naturals Bing Cherry Lipbalm with SPF 15
Chap-Ice Cherry Lip Balm
The Precious Beauty Lipbalm is my fave out of the bunch - silky and moisturising with a yummy cherry scent
The ChapIce one has a really strong Cherry scent which for me is heaven!

Canmake Gradation Wink Eyeshadow in 04
You are meant to sweep your finger over the three colours and use your finger to apply. When I tried this it didnt really transfer very well but I think I will try it out properly with an eyeshadow brush. 

MultiCheek Blusher in Beige (but more of a pinky peach)
A pretty colour with a very fine silver shimmer

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Quad
47 Nude Fresco (Satin), 50 Sandbar Beige (Matte), 54 Pretty Penny (Shimmer), 33 Ivy Envy (Satin) 

Estee Lauder Mirror 

Kose Coen Rich Q10 Whitening Hand Cream 30g

Hada Labo Toner Sample 30ml

Bonnebell Liplites Lipgloss in Cappuccino
Has a nice hint of coffee scent but because my lips are a little pigmented this lipgloss didn't really suit me unfortunately. The colour doesnt really show up and looks a little milky on my lips.

Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Deep Black
YAY!! This was on my birthday wishlist so happy I finally get to try this!!

Hada Labo Air UV Sun Screen with SPF30
My first impression is that this a milky formula but extremely light! I think that the title Air seems to applicable, I'm looking forward to trying this when the sun decides to make an appearance here! lol

The Saem Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask
Never seen a mask like this so I'm very excited to try this!

Thank you so much to Jacq for sending me these awesome gifts! I felt like it was Christmas morning when I received her package! lol So many great gems in there, I'm really looking forward to using everything!

Check out the gifts I sent Jacq here :-)

Cherry Lane xoxo


  1. such an awesome goodies .. ur so lucky... enjoy nd review :)

  2. wow, totally jealous!! :D Awesome goodie swapping! :D

  3. oh wow you got some amazing goodies x

  4. Awesomeeee stufff !! M mighty jealous for the masks :p

  5. You own the cherry land. haha!!

    and bubble mask??!! very interesting.

    1. lol! I do love my cherrilious goodies!! The bubble mask is pretty cool!

  6. Replies
    1. Me too! My sephora travel makeup bag is getting abit tired now so I might swap to this one :-)

  7. ooo such a good swap! I love doing swaps with Jacq she really spoils you =) xx

  8. wow! such awesome stuff! Now I feel like a swap too!! :D
    Lovely picks Jacq!!

  9. You are so lucky! Everything looks amazing and wish I had a friend like this to swap with! I know I would end up buying the person loads of things as I love buying things for other people. I actually adore the bag she put things in!

    Click here to get your daily buzz!

    Sarah xoxo

    1. I know what you mean! Its so much fun putting together these mystery boxes! I'm sure you could find someone to swap with too. Give Jacq a shout, she might be interested in doing another swap. :-)

  10. Hi, Cherry!
    There are many Japanese cosmetics, too!
    Someday when you go to Tokyo, I want you show many lovely and cute shops!!!


    1. Hi Akiko! Thanks so much! I hope that I can come to Japan one day too, I have some beautiful photo's of Japan on my pinterest which I dream about visiting one day haha :-)

  11. OH WOW!! What fabulous goodies!!

  12. Ohh i wish someone would do a swap with me... such a good idea


    1. Thanks for stopping by! You have a lovely blog! :-)

  13. Oh my word! You lucky, LUCKY girl!!!

    A friend of mine bought me a face mask from Hong Kong, not sure what it was called as it had chinese writing all over it, LOL! But my skin looked glowy!

    You must review some of these products, yesh? xx