My Birthday Wishlist!

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hi chica's! Hope you are all doing well! I'm back from my little break and thought I'd get back into the flow of things by showing you a few pieces I have been lusting after and are on my imaginary birthday wishlist! Oh yeah, its on the 29th btw so if anyone would like to get my any of these, I will love you forever! lol :-)

Birthday Wishlist


  1. i will take away shu uemura and butter london. the shu cleansing oil is mineral oil based (not bad, just very cheap in terms of raw material). and out of the few i tried, i find them to leave some residue :P

    butter london i want to try more, but the only one that i got (black knight) is not smooth. something wrong with my bottle perhaps?

    hehe. if you really want a dolly winks, perhaps i can send you one or do a swap? email me if you're interested.

    happy (early) bday. in case i forgot to say it next week!

    jacq :D

    1. oh my gosh, I didnt realise it was mineral oil based! Tbh I didnt really look into the ingredients, I just assumed that because its Shu Uemura and because of the pricetag it would be a quality product. What a rip off!! I havent tried any Butter London's either...some of the glitter colours look really pretty...I hope that they are not all gritty! I do really want a Dolly wink! haha! I would love to do a small swap! I am a little broke atm but maybe in a couple months time? Are you looking for anything in particular from here? Thanks so much for the happy birthday!!xx

  2. Welcome back Girl!! That Rose Gold watch has been in my want list since God-knows-when :P
    The Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner is so cute!! I love the nail color, the shade is awesome...sparkles!! :D

    1. Thanks doll! Yeah It's been on my list for a loooong time too! lol But I still really like it :-) x

  3. It seems like the entire population of the beauty blogging world either owns or wants that MK watch (which actually put me off it!).

    I can also add that the Butter London polish I own (No More Waitey Katie... charcoal with purple glitter, so probably the same formulation as Dark Knight) isn't smooth either...I'm keen to try other polishes, particularly plain colours, by them because something isn't adding up at the moment in terms of price, hype & positive blog posts!

    That Marc Jacobs bracelet is beautiful!

    I would kill for that Philip Kingsley Elasicizer.

    1. I didnt realise the butter london's have such a crap formula! ok scratch that! After I posted this last night I saw a post from Lyderella! Did you see it?! I'm totally lusting after the first two blues and the purple...they look amazing! But who know's when they will be released and if we will even be able to get our hands on one...they are like golddust! lol I'm dying to try the Philip Kingsley too! It seems like an amazing product...I'm always a little dubious when they make such big claims but I still really wana try it! Thanks so much for stopping by! x

  4. Uff where is my comment !
    vanished :o

    1. oh no sorry you had trouble commenting! But big thank you for writing it all our again! :-)

  5. Let it be..
    Awesome wish list.
    MK watch is total love for me!!
    That butter london polish is superb,,I have seen the swatches and it's gorg..
    Pairing the Marc Jacobs bracelet with the MK watch would be awesomeness!! ;)

    Happy Birthday in advance girlie :) muaahh Bless you :)

  6. Thanks Nami! You're a doll! xx

  7. Hey Cherry,
    Very Happy Budday!!! :) So glad to have come across your blog! :)
    Me too a fashion & travel blogger, but I maintain the 2 in 2 different blogs.
    Do drop by mine some time and do follow if you like! :)
    Fashion Panache